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Tax Information


Fire tax payments made online or postmarked on or before August 1st (or the first business day in August if the 1st falls on a weekend) are considered on-time.

For safety and security reasons, drop off of tax payment is not available. Please mail in payment or use our online system. Cash will not be accepted through the mail.

      Trumbull Center Fire District
      Dept. 3590
      PO Box 4110
      Woburn, MA 01888-4110

*A copy of the original bill MUST be included with the payment.*
If you do not have a copy of the bill that was mailed in July, you may request one via email.

      You may pay taxes online by clicking the PAY TAXES icon.

      The following FEES apply to online payments: E-Checks, $2.00 flat fee; Credit Cards, 2.5% of your bill, with a minimum fee of $2.00; Visa Debit Cards, $3.50 flat fee; all others, 2.5% of your bill, with a minimum fee of $2.00.

      BEFORE making payment, check with your mortgage company/lender to determine whether or not they will be sending payment on your behalf.


Email: [email protected]
Phone: (203) 445-0886



What is the fire tax and how is it calculated?

Every property owner in the Trumbull Center Fire District receives a fire tax bill. This bill covers the maintenance and operation of the volunteer fire department in this district. This bill is separate from the Town of Trumbull tax bills. To calculate the property tax, multiply the assessment of the property by the mill rate and divide by 1,000.

When should I expect a bill?

Fire tax bills are mailed at the end of June, in any given year.

When are tax payments due?

Fire taxes are due in one installment. Payment is due on or before the first business day in the month of August. As required by law, payments made after this date will become delinquent and will incur 3% interest, representing two months delinquency (July and August), in addition to a tax lien of $24. The minimum interest charge is $2.00. Returned checks are subject to a charge of $34.

What if I no longer own the real estate?

Please contact our office, via email, if you received a fire tax bill for property you no longer own. We will forward a bill to the new owner.

What if I did not receive a bill?

Per Connecticut State Statute 12-130, “Failure to receive a bill does not invalidate the tax. If a tax bill is not paid within the given time period, interest cannot be waived.” Please contact our office or look up your account online, if you believe you should have received a tax bill but did not.  Note: you may not have received a bill if the assessment on your property is too low to produce a tax. We do not bill under $1.00.

What if I escrow my taxes?

Many banks/mortgage companies escrow for fire taxes.  It is your responsibility to make sure the fire tax is paid on time to avoid interest and/or lien fees.  If your lender has advised our office that they will be paying your fire tax, you will not receive a bill.  If you receive a fire tax bill, but think your fire taxes are escrowed, contact your bank/mortgage company prior to submitting payment to avoid duplicate payment.